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Marquee Structures

A silk lining can transform a standard marquee into an sophisticated and luxurious environment.

Most of our marquees can be fitted with roof liners, which is great for hiding the framework and PVC fabric.

Hirepool has a multitude of styles and sizes including hip end or gable ended roof lining from 3m – 20m wide, and lining for our 9m, 12m & 18m wide pole (Electron) marquees.

In addition to roof lining, we have an array of silk wall options which create a magnificent wedding venue. Majority of our silk lining is white, but we do a have a small selection of black roof and wall stock.

What about lighting? Well, our liners are designed to still allow lighting rigs or beautiful chandeliers to still hang from the roof frame.

Hard walls can transform a traditional marquee into a virtual building; ideal for long term hire and corporate events. These hard walls come with solid double entry doors.

Our flagship 30m and 40m wide marquees come with 4m high solid walls and doors.

Further sizes are coming, so watch this space!

If an exact marquee size or style you require is not listed on our website please contact us and our experienced events team will assist you. 

Clipframe Marquees 

Marquees not available in all locations, please call your local branch for specific availability

Springtop Marquees

Pop-up Gazebos